Web access – Web enable your accounting software

like Tally, Quick books, Navision etc;

Remote Web access for Tally

  • Tally ERP 9 remote access gives only a ‘view’ to the remote user. We offer you solution to ‘work’ on tally from anywhere.
  • Need to install only in the head office. All your branch offices and warehouse can access and work through internet.
  • Works very fast even on a slow internet connection. You can work just like you are sitting in front of your local system.
  • Security is one of your main concern. We give VPN, SSL, certificate services to have highly secure access.
  • Easy user interface and easy management.


  • Online inventory.
  • Easy branch consolidation.
  • Faster account finalization for the whole company.
  • Business info always even if you are travelling.

Web access for Arcgis and Autocad

Generally GIS applications require powerful rendering capability. You will also need to access the GIS images even without GIS application from other systems.


  • You can balance the work and explore more with your powerful workstations and PCs.
  • You can access the images and application even without installing in your system.

atACC – Online

Remote Web access for atACC

We offer you atACC with remote web access feature where you can work on your atACC in the head office from all your branches and from anywhere through Internet.


Implementation cost varies depending upon your requirements, number of offices and geographies.

Prerequisites for implementation

A server system or a higher end PC with windows 2008/2008 R2/2012 server, A broad band internet with static I/P. A multiuser version of the accounting software if a number of persons want to work together.

Basic implementation cost to host your existing application for two users/offices– 600 USD and additional user 190 USD extra.

We also provide hosting of your accounting application on web servers so that you can eliminate the server, 2008 server, maintenance, utility charges. Instead pay only web server charges. Also 24 hrs 365 days availability irrespective of your office hours. Please find our tally hosting, peach tree hosting, sage hosting, ERP hosting solutions.