Novell – Suse Linux, Novell Netware


With a unique combination of the best-engineered and most inter-operable Linux and IT management software, Novell solutions lower cost, complexity and risk on virtually every platform.

Enterprise Linux Server solutions from Novell deliver the benefits of proprietary operating systems with greater freedom and lower costs. We offer the most interoperable Linux server solutions on the market, powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise and backed by our unparalleled expertise and support. Reliable, Interoperable and Manageable Foundation for Physical and Virtual Mission Critical Workloads

Worry-free UNIX to Linux Migration – Free yourself from proprietary vendor costs and constraints without sacrificing performance or reliability.

The Perfect Virtual Machine Guest – Your data center has great potential. Don’t let your operating system stand between you and a high-performing virtual environment.

Linux for Mainframes – Combine the power of System z with the flexibility of Linux to optimize your data center investment.

High Availability and Mission-critical Computing -Need your critical applications to run 24x7x365.We have high availability capabilities without the high price tag.

Retail Point of Service – Keep up with your customers by deploying a proven, low-cost IT solution that will support your point of service (POS) environments—now and in the future.

Real Time Linux – You don’t have time to wonder if your platform can keep up with your time-sensitive applications. With Novell, you’ll be sure your time-critical applications always get the computing resources they need for maximum performance.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server