Virtual Server & Virtual Desktop

Do more with less!

Run multiple Servers in a Single server

With latest virtualization technology you can put virtual machines of different operating systems in single you can put an apple OS, windows and Linux in single system. Unlike in dual boot system you need not shut down the system and reboot to get into a different operating system. For example you can do the following in your existing server.

  • You can put win 2008 server and SQL server 2008 to test your application
  • You can put your mailing application based on Red hat Linux as another virtual machine in the same server.

More server utilization

This gives more computer / server utilization. You need to keep only a minimum inventory of systems or CPU or RAM to have different operating systems and application environment.

Different application platforms

With application virtualization technology you can keep different application platform across the organization. Both office 2003 as well as office 2007 can be kept across the platform.

Testing platform

Software developers need to develop and test their applications in various platforms. Virtualization technologies enable you to create various platforms.

New Exciting technology —Cloud computing

Virtualization gives you numerous possibilities. Work out a scenario where multiple web based applications are hosted in the datacenter, like CRM server, ERP server on oracle platform, or java based on Apache server .Virtualisation creates “Virtual appliances” in such scenario to run all these together on the single hardware system . You just pay for the time and the CPU utilization instances.

We associate with Major technology vendors like VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, oracle who give you various applications. There are products for desktop virtualization, application Virtualization, server virtualization, security, managing virtual machines, managing the migration, and enterprise cluster of virtual machines. We give you skilled professional who install configure and support the above technologies. We also size the servers with respect to Vmark.