Internet Search – Microsoft, Google

Access all of your business content through one search box

Every day your employees create documents, presentations, market research reports- information that has tremendous value for your company. Employees can benefit significantly from access to information, but only if they can easily find what they need. Similarly, your website visitors and customers can benefit from finding the right information in seconds. Your company’s intranet or website search engine can be as relevant and reliable as Google’s- and just as easy to use. Microsoft Search provides universal search for business, letting all enterprise or website content be searched through one easy, familiar search box. In fact, the Google Search Appliance can search intranets, web servers, portals, file shares, databases, content management systems, and real-time data in business applications, all with accuracy and ease.

Microsoft Enterprise Search

Grow and extend your search solution.

  • Index common information sources with out-of-the-box indexing connectors for file shares, web sites, SharePoint sites, Exchange public folders, and Lotus Notes databases.
  • Use federated search connectors to quickly and easily connect to applications, and services using the Open Search standard.
  • Build upon a familiar user interface and application platform that lets you customize your search experience and the actions you can take on your search results using familiar development tools and the SharePoint platform.
  • Scale your deployment to meet your needs with no pre-set document limits and advanced indexing features like continuous propagation.
  • Take advantage of a strong Partner ecosystem to implement and further extend your Search solution.
  • Find and act on your information.
  • Empower your users to quickly find the information they need through a familiar Search Center interface
  • Pinpoint the most relevant information you need with recommended best bets, authoritative sources, term definitions, hit highlighting, and query correction.
  • Retrieve concise and clear search results with duplicate collapsing, allowing you to quickly review a wide variety of relevant information.
  • Stay on top of new information relevant to your work by subscribing to update notifications of your search results using e-mail and RSS alerts.
  • Build upon a familiar user interface and application platform that lets you customize your search experience and the actions you can take on your search results.

Google Search

Google Mini Search Appliance

  • Index and search over 220 file types on web and file servers
  • Get real-time results from business applications
  • Ensure information security with support for LDAP-based security systems
  • Customize search results to integrate with your site design
  • Starts at $2,990 for searching up to 50,000 documents
  • 300,000 max document capacity

Google Search Appliance

  • Integrate with single sign-on and additional security systems
  • Search databases, content management systems, and legacy systems
  • Query expansion, word stemming, automated synonyms, and source biasing
  • RAID disk drive fail-over
  • Optional phone support available
  • Starts at $30,000 for searching up to 500,000 documents
  • 30 million max document capacity.