Trend Micro – Internet security 2010, Office Scan Client

Trend Micro OfficeScan Client-Server Suite

OfficeScan 10 provides a revolutionary new defense against threats both on and off the corporate network combining world-class anti-malware with innovative in-the-cloud protection from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network. New File Reputation moves the burden of pattern file management into the cloud, freeing endpoint resources. And Web Reputation protects endpoints by blocking access to malicious sites. Available in solution suites, OfficeScan now offers a single solution to protect desktops, laptops, servers, storage appliances, and smart phones. A flexible plug-in architecture, multi-layer Host Intrusion Prevention, and extended platform support ensure better security, lower management costs, and more flexibility to evolve your security.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Protection. Breaks the infection chain by blocking access to malicious files and websites
  • Reduced Business Risks. Prevents infection, identity theft, data loss, network downtime, lost productivity, and compliance violations
  • Comprehensive Security. Protects all types of endpoints with a complete endpoint security suite
  • Lower IT Costs. Reduces IT workload through File Reputation, Active Directory integrations, and virtualization support
  • Extensible Architecture. Adds new security capabilities without redeploying a full solution

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

#1 Antivirus and Antispam for Small Business Security

Worry-Free Business Security is safer because it stops viruses, spyware, spam, and other email, file and web threats before they reach your business. It’s smarter because it detects threats faster and constantly updates your protection without slowing PC performance. And it’s simpler because it is easy to install and maintain—you have zero administration.

It’s Safer, Smarter, Simpler.

Key Features

  • Fast Scanning: Trend Micro Smart Scan detects and removes the latest threats, giving you continuously updated protection with minimal impact on users’ PC performance.
  • Block Inappropriate Websites: Gain extra protection from web threats by blocking exposure to risky websites, and help keep employees focused by blocking access to offensive or non-work related sites.
  • Global Neighborhood Watch: Automatically identifies new threats and feeds back security-related issues or events to Trend Micro using Smart Feedback technology, speeding resolution of threats for all users.
  • USB Device Threat Prevention: Prevents viruses on USB devices from infecting users’ computers.

Trend Micro NeatSuite Advanced

Multilayered, Multi-threat Protection for the Enterprise

Protect your Internet gateway, mail and file servers, storage systems, and clients against viruses, spyware, spam, and blended threats—including web-based attacks. NeatSuite Advanced provides enterprise-class scalability and maximum administrative efficiency. Powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, it offers immediate protection with less complexity. NeatSuite Advanced offers a unique combination of centralized management from a single console, support for the broadest range of operating systems, tight integration with Microsoft and Cisco technologies, and industry-leading in-the-cloud threat intelligence.

Key Features

  • New! File Reputation reduces the burden of pattern file management
  • Offers enterprise-class scalability and configurability
  • Lowers IT costs with maximum administrative efficiency
  • Delivers immediate protection with in-the-cloud threat intelligence
  • Reduces risk with comprehensive multilayered, multi-threat protection