Wide Area Network

We will assist you in setting up your Wide Area Network with our expert knowledge and wide range of products. We specialize in design, implementation, installation, maintenance and project management. We prepare the best design for your network. The specialised tools and knowledge help us to give you a good implementation plan. We deploy centralised management features and gives assistance and basic training to your people to manage the network.

The most popular brands which we deals are Cisco, HP-3Com, Nortel, D-Link, Netgear etc.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are an excellent choice for businesses that need an “Always-on-connection”. Our Leased Lines give you one of the fastest, ever-present, most reliable Point-to-Point connection to ensure the constant reliability and quality of your communications. Leased Access allows users to connect to Internet through static IP, an essential need in VPN connectivity, ERP access, Client-Server applications, and extranet establishment. Further, having a leased internet access gives the client an option to host their own web applications.