Keep your business safe with Network cameras

Network cameras allow you to keep an eye on your office or work area, even when you are not there. Captured video can be stored to a hard drive and viewed remotely from anywhere you can access the internet or even on your phone. Multiple cameras allow you to monitor multiple areas in a single interface at a time.

Our specialist will give a physical visit to the premise and identify the suitable locations to place the IP cameras. We will suggest the suitable type of IP cameras to make your security monitoring system more efficient and reliable.

We are having partnerships with Sony, D-Link.

Benefits of IP Surveillance

  • IP network is open-standard (Compatible equipment, Internet access, interoperability)
  • Easy deployment (Power over Ethernet, wireless)
  • Higher resolution (Megapixel)
  • Lower signal loss (one-time conversion, better quality)
  • Scalability and Flexibility (system upgrade, maintenance, migration from traditional surveillance system to IP surveillance)
  • Effective total cost of ownership.