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We help you Choose right antivirus solution

The most popular antivirus solutions are Symantec (Norton) ,trend micro, Mcafee ,etrust etc. On Linux platform popular solutions are Sophos, Fprot, Kaspersky etc. All these companies release a lot of products based on the threats, methods of virus attack and area of deployment etc. You should select a technology partner who has got good knowledge of components included in the different products.

To design an antivirus you should know the target and method of attacks. We should identify the entry points. We should deploy the antivirus at these points. For example: If gateway protection is needed you need an antivirus capable protecting gateway and If you have mail server your antivirus system should be configured with particular mail system You need to look at the ports and services in the system and the antivirus program should be deployed considering these elements.

Antivirus alone will not protect your system

Viruses and related attacks explore the security holes of your internet explorer, e-mail, operating system and application. To have a secure system you need to identify these security holes and take necessary steps to close these security holes.

Analyze the “security holes “of your network

Use Security Analyzer tools to identify any possible vulnerability in the server and configuration. A good security analyzer tool will give right information about the vulnerabilities of your network and identify the security patches needed. A technical person analyzes and acts upon based on this information.

Security for Education

Solution offered by Smartsoft gives you a comprehensive security solution that integrates antivirus, security analyzer, firewall and patch management.

Security holes and Patches

You need to deploy good patch management solution to take care of the patches for your whole network .A good Technology Partner knows the ins and outs of the patch management and he will configure the solution to its fullest capacity ensuring a ‘hardened system’. This should be an ongoing process. So he should also consider the manageability of the patch management system so that you can manage it easily.

Centrally Manage your Antivirus

A good server level deployment of antivirus gives you the advantage of single management console. Eg. Automated, update management on the server and client.


It is more of a blocking device or a program. We have to design doors and windows and curtains ie. We should define what should come in what should go out. Basic features of Firewall are Intrusion detection, web caching, reporting and content filtering.